Roman Freud
The Singing Windmills © Marina Levitskaya
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After two successful sold-out Off-Broadway runs in New York City The Singing Windmills/Поющие Мельницы are going on a US Tour. Supported by MART

Written by Roman Freud and directed by Gera Sandler, The Singing Windmills explores the story of the life and work of the legendary Solomon Mikhoels — a Soviet Jewish actor, the artistic director of the Moscow State Jewish Theater and the chairman of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee.

The production attempts to make sense of and restore the lives and art of legendary heroes, whose breath was cut short and whose legacy was erased. This play ponders eternal questions, the fate of an artist, the secrets behind inspiration and the price which one is willing to pay for it.

In 2022, MART Foundation became a supporter of The Singing Windmills by Roman Freud — a unique production performed by the PM Theater Company

The Singing Windmills attempts to make sense of and restore the lives and art of legendary heroes whose breath was cut short and legacy was erased. This project is not about the cruelty of a repressive regime, but about the life, the love, the art, and the fate of an artist. It’s about eternal questions, the secrets behind inspiration, and about the price one is willing to pay for it.

When: June 1–12, 2022
Where: Theater 71, NYC 152 W 71st Street, New York, NY

PM Theater troupe consists of the most sought-after, professionally trained New York-based Russian-speaking actors from Ukraine, Russia, and Israel. Driven by a common goal of bringing quality live theater back to NYC stages and creating a meaningful and honest dialogue with the audience, PM Theater is eager to introduce its new work to the masses with such a riveting and important piece as The Singing Windmills.

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