Antonin Rioche
© Julien Benhamou
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A new duet by the versatile French artist Antonin Rioche. Supported by MART

The conclusion of most relationships often involves a suspended moment, a pause fueled by the fear of the inevitable separation. It's the moment when both individuals hesitate to exit the room, fully aware that there's no turning back. The door stands open, yet neither summons the courage to take the first step. In that tense electrically charged instance, the air becomes almost palpable, each breath laden with significance. Admitting defeat, and being the first to depart, is a daunting challenge. It's the thrill of standing on that precipice that intrigues Antonin Rioche — the moment just before the final break. The instant when you avert each other's gaze, unwilling to confront reality. You stand frozen, you contemplate reigniting the flame, but the fire is extinguished, and the wood is damp. You wait for the other person to speak, to make a move, to be the first to exit the room. Both immersed in fear. What holds us back from departing in those critical moments? The duet will express it all: the introspection, the relentless questioning of "where did it all go wrong?" As if the duet embodies a singular moment, encapsulating all within that fraction of time. Love and hatred intertwined, pain dancing within the shadows.

About Antonin Rioche

Antonin Rioche is a versatile French artist, director, choreographer, writer and visual artist. Inspired by his mother's love of dance, he is passionate about various forms of art, including photography, cinema, and fashion. Antonin's early passion for dance found its fulfillment at the Ballet Junior de Genève, a transformative experience immersing him entirely in the practice of dance. There, he had the opportunity to explore works by choreographers such as Roy Assaf, Marina Mascarell, Alexander Ekman, Hofesh Shechter, Wayne McGregor, Barak Marshall, and many others. Continuing his career as a freelance dancer, Antonin collaborated with renowned artists and companies such as Olivier Dubois, Sasha Waltz & Guests, Michael-Keegan Dolan, Theo Clinkard, and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. In 2017, Antonin's solo piece, Ohboy! marked a turning point in his career, exploring the theme of loneliness. The success of this work led to an adaptation into a short film and numerous nominations and awards at international film festivals. In 2018, Antonin became a resident choreographer at the Korzo Theater in the Netherlands, where he developed pieces such as The Others, Finally a Sign of Life, Huidhonger, Glitter, and Ohgirl!. As a cinephile, he is also passionate about translating his dance pieces into short films. His creative process begins with writing and reflecting on his own experiences and emotions to create poetic interpretations of universal human feelings, blending realism and surrealism. Antonin's artistic journey continues as he prepares to move to Paris, where he will launch his company, Funny People, a platform for poetic, creative, and innovative collaboration.

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