Gibney Company first tour in Israel
Sonya Tayeh's Oh Courage © Erin Baiano
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MART Foundation presents Gibney Company’s first tour to Israel. On February 28 and March 1-2, 2023, this New York City-based contemporary repertory company will perform original works created by internationally renowned choreographers Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar, Johan Inger, and Sonya Tayeh

Founded by choreographer Gina Gibney in 1991 and reinvented in recent years, the Company represents a broad range of aesthetics and techniques working together with renowned and rising contemporary choreographers. The Company has also expanded the role of its dancers, called Artistic Associates, who contribute as community activists in the dance field.

SARA by Sharon Eyal, Gai Behar

(2013/Company Premiere 2023)

SARA is like a pearl in a treasure, a box of jewels that smells ancient with the feeling of a new. The box cannot be opened all the way,  its charm will fade. White pearl, transparent, leaking colors but always remains a pearl. SARA is minimalist, gentle, emotional and sensitive, hardcore, and old fashioned at the same time. There’s a sense of restraint and taking advantage of the minimum and the maximum. She is not allowing distance and is getting closer to the heart. She comes from there and leaves into the world as a cloud crumbles into the dust of love.

SARA was restaged for Gibney Company in 2022 with the support of MART.

  • Creators

    Sharon Eyal, Gai Behar

  • Sound Artist

    Ori Lichtik

  • Lighting

    Alon Cohen

  • Costumes

    Odelia Arnold and Maayan Goldman

  • Running Time

    13 minutes

Bliss by Johan Inger (2016/Company Premiere 2022)

For this large-scale ensemble piece, Swedish choreographer Johan Inger uses the legendary Köln Concert by jazz pianist Keith Jarrett; music that many consider to be the epitome of virtuoso improvisation. Rather than translating the music one-to-one into movement, it is more the feeling of Jarrett’s iconic music — free, soaring and ecstatic — that Inger translates into beautifully crafted dance, sending not only listeners, but audience members into a state of bliss.

  • Choreography

    Johan Inger

  • Staging by

    Yvan Dubreuil

  • Scenery Design by

    Johan Inger

  • Costume Design by

    Johan Inger & Francesca Messori

  • Lighting Design by

    Peter Lundin

  • Music by

    Keith Jarrett

  • Running Time

    27 minutes

OH COURAGE! by Sonya Tayeh (World Premiere 2021)

OH COURAGE! is a piece about self-reflection, truth and resilience. It is a soul march that navigates what occurs when there is a guttural need for change. In that need, there is a sense of euphoria in possibility, and a vivid mourning for what is being lost along the way. How do we create a sanctuary for both?

This work was made possible by the generous support of Andrew A. Davis and the Shelby Cullom Davis Charitable Fund, the Mertz Gilmore Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts, the O’Donnell-Green Music and Dance Foundation, and the Omomuki Foundation.

  • Choreography

    Sonya Tayeh

  • Associate Choreographer

    Jenn Freeman

  • Original Music

    The Bengsons

  • Set Design

    Rachel Hauck

  • Lighting Design

    Asami Morita

  • Costume Design

    Márion Talán de la Rosa

  • Costume Construction

    Victoria Bek

  • Running Time

    26 minutes

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